Get the SPAM Call Screener!

Although Lord of the Ringtones was designed to make custom ringtones easy and fun, the SPAM Call Screener has become one of it’s most popular features! 

The main purpose of SPAM call screening is to prevent you from being interrupted by bogus calls, yet many fancy SPAM detection apps do just the opposite.

They notify you when they detect a possible SPAM call, then they ask you to take action to block it – in other words, they interrupt you! They not only require your intervention; they charge you a monthly fee to do their job! And SPAM callers change numbers like you change your underwear, so trying to block them is a futile and time consuming effort. 

I want an app to just let me know that I can ignore the call. That’s it. I don’t want to have to spend any more time and effort dealing with it than that. So save your time and money and use the Lord of the Ringtones SPAM Call Screener

The Simple, Yet Genius Idea!

Over 95% of calls from numbers that are not in your contacts list are SPAM. Lord of the Ringtones lets you screen them in 2 simple steps:

  1. Set a default ringtone for all callers IN your contacts list. (NOTE: This setting will not override any custom ringtones.)
  2. Set a default ringtone for all callers NOT IN your contacts list. (Or you can set it to not ring at all by selecting “None”.)

That it! When you hear the ringtone from numbers not in your contacts you can just ignore the call. It’s simple, yet effective. And if you set the SPAM Call Ringtone to “none” you don’t even have to hear it ring at all – and that’s even better! And valid callers will most certainly leave a voicemail. 

Lord of the Ringtones – Only $0.99!