Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find answers to most questions here. If you have a question that’s not answered, feel free to send us a note and we’ll answer it. 

Why isn't Lord of the Ringtones available for iPhones?

At this time Apple does not allow programmatic access to the ringtone folder or to changing ringtone assignments. They restrict this function to iTunes. As soon as it’s available we’ll have an IOS version published. 

What are the app permissions and privacy policy?

Let’s start with this PRIVACY NOTICE SUMMARY: This app collects no personal information. All permissions required are solely to perform the functions of the app. You can read the detailed Privacy Policy here. Now here’s a bit more on how app permissions work: 

Google’s policies now require apps to ask the user for each specific permission as it’s needed for the first time. In the case of the Lord of the Ringtones app, here are the permissions we need and why: 

Permission: Access to Contacts
Why: To assign ringtones

Permission: Access to storage
Why: So we can save ringtones you create with the recorder and so you can search your device for audio files to use as ringtones within the app

Permission: Access to the microphone
Why: So you can record your own ringtones

Permission: Change system settings
Why: This permission lets the app set your default ringtones 

Permission: Access to the internet
Why: So we can direct you to our website to get free ringtones and see the FAQs.


How can I get free ringtones?

You can get free ringtones after installing the app:

  1. After you install the app you’ll be directed to a page where you can download free ringtones.
  2. The Freemium Edition comes with a limited set of custom ringtones.
  3. The Premium Edition comes with lots more ringtones, and we add new ones on a regular basis.

And of course, you can always just hit the record button and make your own! 

What are the benefits of using the Lord of the Ringtones app?

The Lord of the Ringtones app offers several advantages when using custom ringtones: 

  1. You can assign ringtones much more easily than any other app. There’s no need to go through the multiple steps required to change them for each individual contact. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! 
    1. Select a contact
    2. Select a ringtone
    3. Press “Match”
  2. You can have fun with your friends and easily create custom ringtones with our “Record” function. And you can share them, too!
  3. You can use any audio file on your phone as a ringtone with our “Search my audio files” feature.
  4. You can easily add new ringtones that you buy with our “Search my audio files” feature.
  5. You can easily change your default ringtone for all contacts that haven’t been assigned a custom ringtone. 
  6. You can use our SPAM Call Screener
  7. There are NO ADVERTISEMENTS! Virtually every other ringtone app has annoying ads that get in the way to the point where you just want to delete them. We promise… NO ADS. EVER! 
How do I use a ringtone someone sends to me from Lord of the Ringtones app?

Using a ringtone someone shares from the Lord of the Ringtones app is easy: 

  1. Save the ringtone (it will go into the “Downloads” folder)
  2. Open the Lord of the Ringtones app and select “Search my audio files” 
  3. Select the ringtone from the “Downloads” folder
  4. Assign it to the appropriate contact

That’s it! 

Which ringtones can I share?

You can share any of the ringtones that come with the Lord of the Ringtones app, any of the ringtones that you get from us for free in return for sharing the app with your friends, and any of the ringtones you create or add to the app yourself, including those shared with you by your friends. The ringtones that come with your phone are not shareable because the manufacturer of your device is the copyright holder and sharing them would violate the licensing. 

How do I set SPAM Call Screening?

Over 99% of calls from numbers that are not in your contact list are SPAM calls. The Lord of the Ringtones app lets you identify them in just a couple of simple steps:

  1. Set the default ringtone for all callers IN your contacts list (this will not override custom ringtones)
  2. Set the SPAM Call Screener ringtone for all callers NOT IN your contacts list

That’s it!

Fancy SPAM call screener apps not only require your effort to block each new call, they also charge you a monthly fee to do it! But SPAM callers change numbers much faster than you can block them, so blocking them is futile. 

Save your money and use the Lord of the Ringtones SPAM Call Screener. 

What audio file types can I use for a ringtone?

Lord of the Ringtones supports the following file types:

The built-in recorder uses the .m4a file type. To use an audio file as a ringtone simply email it to yourself as an attachment. When you save the file it’ll go into your “Downloads” folder. Use the “Search my audio files” function within the app to add your audio file for use as a ringtone. 

How do I change the default app used for sharing ringtones, the app, etc.?

When you share from within Lord of the Ringtones – or any app – there are 2 possibilities for setting default sharing methods: 

1. Set default apps automatically
2. Ask before setting default apps

1. If your device is set to “Set default apps automatically” then the first time you select a sharing method it will automatically be set as the default and you won’t be presented with options for subsequent sharing. If you want to reset the default you need to go to “Settings”, “Apps/App Manager” and then select the app that’s being used as the default for sharing. Then go to “Set as default” and touch “Clear defaults”. 

2. If your device is set to “Ask before setting default apps” then each time you share you’ll be asked to select which app to use and whether or not you want to always use that as the default. For instance, if you elect to share via your texting app you’ll have the option to also select “Just once” or “Always”

If you don’t see the “Just once” or “Always” options you can change your device’s settings to enable it as follows: 
Go To: Settings -> Apps -> Default apps -> Default app selection

There should be 2 options: 
1. Set default apps automatically
2. Ask before setting default apps

Changing the setting to “Ask before setting default apps” will let you choose “Just once” or “Always” for all future shares. 

*** This applied to most makes of Android phones. There may be some models that don’t give you the option to select “Just once” or “Always”, so check your device’s user manual if the instructions above don’t work for you. 

Can I use Lord of the Ringtones to create other notification sounds?

Yes, just use the record function and after saving use your default messaging app to assign it. Default messaging apps vary by phone provider so notification sounds must be assigned by the specific app you use for that purpose.