Free Ringtones!

These 20+ ringtones are included with the Fremium Edition of the app. After installing it you’ll get the download links. You can get a lot more custom ringtones with the Premium Edition for only $0.99! 

And you can make your own, too, right in the app.

User Emily G. says, “The Premium Edition ringtones are some of the most fun ones I’ve ever used! Very creative… especially the songs and holiday ringtones.”

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These custom ringtones will help you customize your contacts so you know who’s calling. They’ll also let you have some fun with a variety of holiday-themed and interest-based ringtones such as pets, motorcycles, etc. There are also ringtones specifically designed for the SPAM Call Screener

They’re all custom ringtones created exclusively for Lord of the Ringtones. We add new ones from time to time, so check back now and then.

Ringtones typically sell for $0.99 to $1.99 each. We include them with the app because we want you to tell all your friends about this incredible deal! 

Using Downloaded Ringtones

  1. Save the ringtone on your phone (it will go into the “Downloads” folder)
  2. Use the “Search my audio files” function within the app to add it as a ringtone
  3. Assign it to a contact

There are 4 general categories of ringtones below:
1. Standard Ringtones
2. Fun Ringtones
3. Animal Ringtones
4.Song Ringtones

SPAM Call Ringtones

Let’s start with a couple of ringtones specifically designed for the SPAM Call Screener. These will let you know that it’s not a call worth answering. After you get your SPAM Call Ringtones, you’ll find lots of others to help you customize your contacts. 

Animal Ringtones

Here’s a sample collection of popular animal ringtones. Share them with your favorite pet and watch as they react to your ringing phone! You’ll get lots more with the Premium Edition of the app for only $0.99!

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Someone please feed that cat! You’ve gotta be a real cat lover for this one. 

(Said in an anxious voice…) “I see a squirrel! I see a squirrel! Hurry up… open the door and let me at ’em!”

Fun Ringtones

Here are some fun ringtones. Some created by users and others created by our crazy team of ringtone designers. You’ll get lots more with the Premium Edition of the app for only $0.99!

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I could listen to this one all day! It’s soooo stinkin’ cute!

This is an original work of fart… for someone! (It ain’t me though!) ?

I belch ya this’ll be a popular thing to record! I wouldn’t want to be the mic though… ?

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines… this ringtone will rev up you phone!

When your phone rings in church, this is the ringtone you need! 

Song Ringtones

Here are some popular songs, focused on celebrating a variety of holidays. If there are some you’d like us to publish send us a note and we’ll get to work! You’ll get more with the Premium Edition of the app for only $0.99!

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Everyone loves this song! This one is for all the Irish folks… and those who love them.

Another one for the Irish… and that’s all you get! (said with an Irish brogue) ? 

And for all our friends of Mexican heritage… we don’t want you to feel left out! 

This is one of my favorites when celebrating Cinco de Mayo (or any other reason to drink margaritas!) 

Here’s one for those in the United States who are feeling a little extra patriotic! 

One of my favorite classical tunes and the 2nd most popular of all time! 

The Few. The Proud. The Marines. …and their Moms! 

NOTE: All custom ringtones are the copyright of, and/or licensed by, Gooberly Media and are included with the purchase of the Lord of the Ringtones app. You are granted the right to use them on an unlimited basis from within the Lord of the Ringtones app and to share them with other users of the app.