Free Ringtones!

These ringtones come free with the app, and after installing it you’ll get links to download them. They’ll help you customize your contacts so you know who’s calling. There are even ringtones specifically designed to use with the SPAM Call Screener

Ringtones typically sell for $0.99 to $1.99 each. We include over 60 of them with the app as free downloads because we want you to tell all your friends about this incredible deal. 

Share Reward Ringtones

The first set of ringtones is available after installing the app. If you share the app or a ringtone 3 times (from within the app) you’ll get Share Reward 1: another set of free custom ringtones. And if you share 3 more times after that you’ll get Share Reward 2: even more custom ringtones. And of course, you can always hit the “Record” button in the app and create your own! 

The App Includes a SPAM Call Screener

Here are a couple of ringtones that were specifically designed to be used with the SPAM Call Screener. These will let you know that it’s not a call worth answering! 

After you get your SPAM Call Ringtones, you’ll find lots of others below to help you customize your contact list. 


Preview: Wah Wah Wah Wah

by Lord of the Ringtones

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You’ll get a link to download these after installing the app:

Here are some fun ringtones too!

I could listen to this one all day! It’s soooo stinkin’ cute!

Preview: Baby Coo Tone

by Lord of the Ringtones

Instead of using your phone to tweet, let it tweet to you with these beautiful birds! 😀 

I belch ya this’ll be a popular thing to record! I wouldn’t want to be the mic though… 😥 

This is an original work of fart… for someone! (It ain’t me though!) 😉

I’m calling to tell you I need my mommy! I’m a hungry little kitty!

Preview: Kitten Tone

by Lord of the Ringtones

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines… this ringtone will rev up you phone!

Preview: MotorcycleTone

by Lord of the Ringtones

If you love me you’ll answer the phone. I need to go outside and pee! 

When your phone rings during Sunday morning service, at least let it be this! 

Here are the Share Reward 1 Ringtones

You’ll get the ringtones above after installing the app and the additional ringtones below you’ll get as Share Rewards. Just share a ringtone or the app with 3 friends (from within the app) and you’ll get a link to the downloads. 

Each set of ringtones comes with normal ringtones and fun ringtones. We hope the fun ones inspire ideas for you to create your own, because it’s really easy… just press the microphone in the app and start recording. Feel free to share yours too! 

Here are more fun ringtones!

Let’s hope that all parents remember this time with their kids! 

Preview: Baby Laugh Tone

by Lord of the Ringtones

I’m not sure who would use this one, but it’s pretty funny! 

Someone please feed that cat! You’ve gotta be a real cat lover for this one. 

Either they need to be milked or they’re enjoying being milked… you decide!

Ok, Ok… I admit it. My wife made this one for me to use when she calls! 

(Said in an anxious voice…) I see a squirrel! I see a squirrel! Hurry up… open the door and let me at ’em! 

I think this owl was looking for a mate… and found one! A good ringtone to share with yours. 😉

For some reason I hear people say this all the time… even when the dog’s not around.

Here are the Share Reward 2 Ringtones

After you earn Share Reward 1, just 3 additional shares (from within the app) will enable the links to download Share reward 2! The ringtone called “Dark Knight”, is available in this collection and was created to be an appropriate one to use with the SPAM Call Screener

Here are even more fun ringtones!

Everyone loved this song! This one is for all the Irish folks and those who love them.

Preview: When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

by Lord of the Ringtones

Another one for the Irish… and that’s all you get! (said with an Irish brogue) 😉 

And for all our friends of Mexican heritage… we don’t want you to feel left out! 

This is one of my favorites when celebrating Cinco de Mayo (or any other reason to drink margaritas!) 

Preview: Mexican Hat Dance

by Lord of the Ringtones

Here’s one for those in the United States who are feeling a little extra patriotic! 

Preview: Star Spangled Banner

by Lord of the Ringtones

Here’s another choice for those celebrating in the USA!

Preview: America the Beautiful

by Lord of the Ringtones

One of my favorite classical tunes and the 2nd most popular of all time! 

The most popular classical tune of all time! 

Preview: Mozart - Eine Kleine Natchmusik

by Lord of the Ringtones

From America’s favorite pastime! Grab a hot dog and a beer. 😉 

Preview: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

by Lord of the Ringtones

This one sounds like a relationship gone bad… or maybe they’re just a lot of fun!

NOTE: All custom ringtones are the copyright of, and/or licensed by, Gooberly Media and are included with the purchase of the Lord of the Ringtones app. You are granted the right to use them on an unlimited basis from within the Lord of the Ringtones app and to share them with other users of the app.