Lord of the Ringtones – App Release Party

Gooberly Media (which behind the scenes is Dave Bastien and Wes Precil) has a new smartphone app coming out soon. The app is called “Lord of the Ringtones” and it makes it really simple to set and record custom ringtones… and it’s pretty fun to use, too! We’re offering a free copy – and a party – in return for a little feedback. 

We’ll be hosting a “Lord of the Ringtones” App Release Party where you can offer your honest feedback and swap ringtones with friends (after a few beers, on us of course!). If you can’t make the party that’s okay, We’ll still send you a free copy. 

It’s currently only available on Android, so if you have an Android phone send us your gmail address and we’ll add you to the beta program and send you a free download code. You can’t see the app on the Google Play store unless your gmail address is registered as a beta tester, and if you have an Android phone, you have a gmail address… just look in your phone’s settings. 

When you download the app, just play with it a bit and you’ll be invited to the “Lord of the Ringtones” App Release Party! FEEL FREE TO INVITE YOUR FRIENDS TOO, ’cause it’s even more fun if you can record and swap custom ringtones with them! Send us your gmail address or any questions at dave@gooberlymedia.com, or through the contact form on this website. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the party!