Celebrate Independence Day with Free Patriotic Ringtones!


These custom ringtones are created exclusively for Lord of the Ringtones and are free with the app.

After installing the app, go to “Get Free Ringtones” and you’ll be brought to the download page where you’ll have over 20 free ringtones, including The Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful. Get the app here

Using Downloaded Ringtones

Using them is as easy:

  1. Save the ringtone on your phone (it will go into the “Downloads” folder)
  2. Use the app’s “Search my audio files” function to add it as a ringtone

Celebrate the Holiday!

Here are a couple of ringtones for those in the United States to help celebrate Independence Day. These will get you in the patriotic spirit this 4th of July! 

Preview: Star Spangled Banner

by Lord of the Ringtones

Preview: America the Beautiful

by Lord of the Ringtones

The App Includes a SPAM Call Screener

Here are a couple of ringtones that were specifically designed to be used with the SPAM Call Screener. These will let you know that it’s not a call worth answering! 

After you get your SPAM Call Ringtones, you’ll find lots of others below to help you customize your contact list. 


Preview: Wah Wah Wah Wah

by Lord of the Ringtones

You’ll Get These Ringtones Too

Ringtones typically cost $0.99 to $1.99 each. We include over 60 of them with the app as free downloads because we want you to tell all your friends about this incredible deal. 

Here are More Free Ringtones

Here are some fun ringtones, including examples of things people have recorded using the app. Ringtones are fun to share – and they’re easy to make too! Just press the microphone in the app and start recording. So go ahead and make a few and send them to your friends! 

Check back now and then for more user ringtones. 

I could listen to this one all day! It’s soooo stinkin’ cute!

Preview: Baby Coo Tone

by Lord of the Ringtones

Instead of using your phone to tweet, let it tweet to you with these beautiful birds! 😉

I belch ya this’ll be a popular thing to record! I wouldn’t want to be the mic though… 😉 

This is an original work of fart… for someone! (It ain’t me though!) 😉

I’m calling to tell you I need my mommy! I’m a hungry little kitty!

Preview: Kitten Tone

by Lord of the Ringtones

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines… this ringtone will rev up you phone!

Preview: MotorcycleTone

by Lord of the Ringtones

If you love me you’ll answer the phone. I need to go outside and pee! 

When your phone rings during Sunday morning service, at least let it be this! 

These ringtones are available after installing the app. If you share the app or a ringtone 3 times (from within the app) you’ll get Share Reward 1: another set of free custom ringtones. And if you share 3 more times after that you’ll get Share Reward 2: even more custom ringtones. And of course, you can always hit the “Record” button in the app and create your own!